Quick Finds: Pinclip

Pinclip | ¥600 for a pack of 3

Designed by Yasunori Nagatsuka, the Pinclip is a hybrid paper clip and push pin that combines the best features of the two office supply staples.  The design is, basically, a paper clip with an extended inner wire that’s bent perpendicular to the clip with its tip sharpened to easily insert into a corkboard.  To use, clip the photos, cards, and documents to the…

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Why Diet Soda Sucks

Why Diet Soda Sucks

Diet soda sucks.

At least, I can say that much for Diet Coke.  Every time I’ve drank Diet Coke, it just tasted flat.  Like, I might as well be drinking water.

I asked the ten people within my cubicle’s earshot at work about their opinion.  Eight agreed.  One of the dissenters said, “Diet soda is fine, but, of course, real soda tastes better. “

Sometimes, I’ll go to a fast food with friends and…

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Baller Office Chairs: Raynor Ergohuman

Baller Office Chairs: Raynor Ergohuman

Raynor Ergohuman | starts at $612

Finding the Raynor Ergohuman in a room full of office chairs isn’t hard.  Just look for the one that looks like it came straight out of a mad scientist’s torture chamber and you’ll find what you’re looking for.  Suffice to say, it isn’t the most stylish piece of office furniture at this price range.

Instead, you’re paying premium for, arguably, the best…

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Quick Finds: Worther Hexagonal Wood Pencil

Quick Finds: Worther Hexagonal Wood Pencil


Worther Hexagonal Wood Pencil | $40

Sure, this mechanical pencil from Worther Baden-Baden isn’t likely to fit on the pen slot of your existing desk organizers.  That same chunky, angular barrel that rules out cramming into a pen slot, however, also renders it easy to grasp, apart from making for a particularly lovely-looking piece of writing instrument.

Described as “the most enjoyable pencil…

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Five Ways to Add Some Cubicle Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

Five Ways to Add Some Cubicle Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Any sense of privacy in an open-plan office is an illusion, considering the layout itself is designed to provide none.  That doesn’t mean you can’t take any steps to bring in a little privacy of your own.  Here are some ideas to do just that.

1. Add a privacy screen

image from OBEX Office Panel Extenders

Privacy screens that can attach to the desk or the edge…

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Need Free Invoice Software? Try These 10 Invoicing Tools Aimed At Freelancers and Small Businesses

Need Free Invoice Software? Try These 10 Invoicing Tools Aimed At Freelancers and Small Businesses

For freelancers, consultants, and small businesses, paying premium for a full-featured billing and invoicing software may prove overkill for your needs.  Chances are, you’ll end up paying for functionality that you’ll never even use once.  If you’ve identified your invoicing needs and found them sparse, there are dozens of free services that might be able to fulfill your simple requirements. …

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APC Back-UPS Connect Is A Mini-UPS For Your Modem And Router

APC Back-UPS Connect Is A Mini-UPS For Your Modem And Router

APC Back-UPS Connect | $50

Like traditional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) boxes, the APC Back-UPS can keep your computer running when power outages occur, so you can have time to save your work instead of losing it all in a blink.  Unlike them, it’s very inexpensive, costing just half a Benjamin to procure.

Armed with three AC outlets, you can plug your desktop, router, and modem on this…

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Quick Finds: MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar

Quick Finds: MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar

MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar | $17

We’ve seen plenty of perpetual calendars in our time.  Some are dead simple.  Some are elaborate.  Some are pretty.  Some are just plain strange.  The MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar fall in the pretty and dead simple categories – a perfect combination.  You get a stand sized to hold four solid polysterene cubes.  One cube tells the day in words, one cube shows…

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Quick Finds: Flexible Felt Utility Box

Quick Finds: Flexible Felt Utility Box

Flexible Felt Utility Box | £49.50

Looking for a desk organizer that will hold your stuff firmly (no wobbling or falling on the side), all while accommodating everything that happens to be strewn all over your desk?  Might want to look at this Flexible Felt Utility Box, a versatile pen cup with a simple but effective design that holds everything in place.

Inside the caddy sits a grey felt…

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Optimus Prime Now Transforms Into… A Pen

Optimus Prime Now Transforms Into… A Pen

Optimus Prime Pen (aka Transformers Convoy) | $74

This one is pretty out of left field and, somehow, it managed to be amazing.  Yes, it’s Optimus Prime able to transform into a writing instrument for sketching transforming robot plans on your Grids & Guides notebook.

Made by Sentinel, the Transformers Optimus Prime Pen can change forms from an articulated (look at its arms, legs, elbows, and…

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Snack Break: Doritos Loaded

Snack Break: Doritos Loaded

Doritos Loaded | 4 for $1.99

Take a triangular blob of cheese, roll it in a deep pile of powdered Doritos, and fry it into a cheese-filled Doritos nugget.  That’s what you’ll get with Doritos Loaded, a new snack 7-11 just introduced today.  And it looks positively like the kind of thing I will be popping in my mouth mindlessly for hours on end while I pound on the keyboard in my cubicle at…

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Quick Finds: Pocket Art Director

Quick Finds: Pocket Art Director

Pocket Art Director | $16

Different people have different ways of making it through a creative rut.  If you’re a designer, you might want to add this Pocket Art Director to your arsenal of tools for reigniting that creative spark.  A 20-sided plastic die, each side features the kind of lines you’re likely to hear when you show your work to an art director, giving you instant instructions about…

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Quick Finds: Foosball Erasers

Quick Finds: Foosball Erasers

Foosball Erasers | £7.50 a pair

What you see before you are two foosball men made from whatever magical material erasers are made with.  Just kidding, there’s nothing magical about synthetic rubber.  These Foosball Erasers, however, definitely bring a dose of magic to any workspace, letting you turn that stylish Covet Deskinto an instant foosball table.  Just find a couple of pencils to  skewer…

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Cubii Wants To Put An Mini-Elliptical Trainer Under Your Desk

Cubii Wants To Put An Mini-Elliptical Trainer Under Your Desk

You’re overweight.  Part of it is all the crappy food you eat.  And part of it is the sedentary nature of your work, sitting on a chair for hours on end day after day.  While standing desks are always an option, if you don’t quite want to leave the comforts of your $800 Knoll Regeneraton Chair, you might want to give the Cubii a try.

A miniature elliptical trainer, it helps you move your legs…

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Lunch Break: Del Taco Bun Taco

Lunch Break: Del Taco Bun Taco

Del Taco Bun Taco | $???

Del Taco is bringing back the Bun Taco, an old menu item that puts the filling on a beef taco (seasoned beef, freshly hand-grated cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and a fresh tomato slice)between a pair of sesame seed buns.  Like a Mexican-flavored Sloppy Joe.  Like, if you were planning to make a taco but realized too late that your husband ate the last tortilla.  That…

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